crossfitThese days, we often hear about Crossfit training from very popular celebrities, models and athletes. Many of the very influential and famous people we know always share how they obtain a physically fit body from engaging in this training.

With high-intensity and consistently varied functional movements, Crossfit is deemed as a training principle which instructs people of all sizes and shapes to enhance their cardiovascular fitness as well as physical wellness in a steadfast yet encouraging and accepting environment.

In addition, Crossfit pertains to the conditioning and principal strength program for a great number of tactical operations team, champion martial artists, police academies, professional and elite athletes and models and military special operations units around the globe.

This form of training delivers a kind of fitness that is especially designed in an inclusive, general and broad approach. Crossfit affirms that a person is as fit as they are competent in each of the 10 valuable and broad physical skills such as power, stamina, speed, coordination, respiratory or cardiovascular endurance, accuracy, strength, balance, agility and flexibility.

It is essential to understand that this training program is purposely designed to boost strength and conditioning by means of intensely challenging and varied forms of workouts. Before engaging in this training method, it is crucial for beginners to be reminded that each day the workout will examine a distinct part of your functional strength or conditioning and you should wear the correct cross training shoes. Bear in mind that this is not merely about specializing in a single thing but instead the principal goal is to build a kind of body that is capable of almost everything and anything. More than that, it matters to note that Crossfit is immensely varied from a commercial gym.

What should you expect during the first few weeks of Crossfit Training?

Be prepared to be challenged. In point of fact, a lot of people go into this training program with expectations that turn out to be wrong. Here, you are to execute movements which you have not heard of or unaware of and you will be exposed to new variations of challenging lifts. Moreover, you shall exert more energy than you are used to and there will be times when you may feel slightly lost.

Though it’s going to be tough at the start, do not feel anxious about it. It is vital to master the mechanics and encourage yourself to try and learn new things. In so doing, you will improve instantly more than you can imagine.

Keep in mind that the best thing about Crossfit Training is that there is no rule that forces you to like it. This simply means that if you go to a class and do not like the type of workout being instructed, if you are not impressed by the Crossfit box and if you do not prefer the trainer; then, it is as simple as not going back to the training area.

Will Crossfit Training help you accomplish your fitness goals?

As always, it will depend upon what your goals really are. If you prefer to be stronger, more mobile, fitter and more athletic, then, this training program can be of great help. But, if you prefer to specialize in a specific thing, this training program may not be the kind of fitness training that can help you with what you need to achieve.

Indeed, this is especially true if you are a strength athlete or a bodybuilder. Take into consideration that this training program will not help you become huge unless you dedicate more time in enhancing your size or strength. What’s certain about Crossfit is that you can actually get jacked and strong.

Just like all physical activities, this training also comes with some risks. However, if you follow directions carefully, committedly practice movements and downsizing when needed, then, you shall be all right.


Waist training has lately been a trend for those who want to achieve a smaller waist and hour-glass figure. For centuries, corsets have been used to give women good posture and an ideal body figure. Today, using corsets is again popular with celebrities and movie stars in the likes of sisters raving about their waist training corsets.

If you are willing to give waist training a try, but have no idea how to choose the right corset, here are some tips you could follow below:

  1. Purchase Only if the Price is Right

Due to the popularity of Waist Training, a lot of corsets have been introduced to the market ranging from the cheap low bargain ones to the customized corsets. At the beginning of your “waist training journey” you may want to stick with off-the-rack items first. However, I must warn you that you should choose those that are at very low prices or those that are about $10-$50. Although these corsets may look good on models, especially if you purchase on-line, you may not receive the quality that you’re expecting. Also, these bargain-priced corsets might not also give you the support your body needs. So the rule here is to purchase a fair priced corset where you feel comfortable wearing, Julia Anderson has made some good reviews in her blog which will help you to find the best waist training corset.

If you are really taking waist training seriously, the best thing that you could do is to invest on custom-made corsets which costs around $400 to $1,000. Yes, they are a bit expensive, but they would really help you achieve your goal in waist training.

  1. Measure Your Body

When purchasing your corset, it would really help you a lot if you take body measurements first so that you won’t have a hard time finding the right size corset for you. Take the measurements of the following: underbust, waist (about an inch above the belly button), and upper hip. When measuring, make sure that the tape is taut, not too tight, but neither not to lose. Your corset size would then be minus 4 to 7 inches from your original size depending on your experience in waist training. Taking these measurements will also determine how “curvy” you are therefore making it easier for you to buy a corset.

  1. Check the Corset Boning and Busk

If you’re a beginner, some waist training experts recommend that you at least try using latex first in order to have a feel of how wearing a corset is. However, if you’re ready for the real thing, what you need to do is to pick a quality corset that has steel bones and steel busks.

Corsets that are sold cheap are those that have either flimsy steel boning or worse, plastic boning. Quality corsets should be able to pull your waist in giving you a firm belly and an hour-glass figure.

  1. Read the Label

You can be assured of the quality of the corset you’re buying if it has a clear description of the type and number of bones used in the corset. Typically, quality corsets have not less than 20 steel bones in them.

  1. Inspect the Fabric Used

Like any piece of clothing that you would buy, you should also check the fabric material used for the corset. The fabric should be smooth and free of any bumps or wrinkles. Its inner lining should be made of 100% cotton that would feel comfortable on your skin.

Waist training could help you achieve your desired figure only if you are able to choose the right corset for it. Follow the tips I shared with you above and you’ll surely be successful in purchasing a perfect corset for you!


Lucky are women today for being provided with limitless beauty tips that can significantly help them look prettier and more attractive. From secrets about how to properly put on a naturally-looking makeup to fabulous ways to fix broken high heels, the more beauty tips you know, the better you will be ready to manage whatever situation you have to face and still look beautiful while doing so.

Here are 21 effective beauty tips every woman should be aware of:


  1. Search for a cleanser that contains benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid in order to be cleared of acne.
  2. Consider taking oral cortisone a few days prior the big event if you have breakout.
  3. Take note that the more you hydrate your cuticles, your nails will become stronger. It is advisable to use excess eye cream on your cuticles.
  4. Use a conditioning treatment two times per month or on a weekly basis to prevent hair color from fading especially during summer months.
  5. Refrain from heavy foundation during allergy season. You may use a tinted moisturizer. Take into account that the antihistamines contained in allergy medications are known to dry out the skin.
  6. Apply a thin layer of clear polish at least every 2 days to make your manicure last longer. Apply extra clear polish to the free edge located on top of the nails because this is the place where chips typically take place.
  7. Use hair serum for slicked back hair.
  8. Apply tea tree oil as soon as you notice a pimple to fake clear skin.
  9. Blotting papers are useful for cleaning up around the eyes and these are effective in managing shine or oil in your T-zone.
  10. When picking a red lipstick, choose the one that looks best with your undertone. Opt for warmer reds if you have warm undertone, on the other hand, pick cooler reds if you have cool undertone.
  11. Try BB cream or a tinted moisturizer to avoid being caked down in foundation particularly on summer months.
  12. Use moisturizer that contains SPF in the morning even on winter months.
  13. To get rid of old products which are no longer in use or may be expired, see to it to clean your makeup bag at least once per year.
  14. Of course, the healthier you are, the healthier your hair will be. To aid your hair grow faster, it is recommendable to take multivitamin that contains Biotin every day.
  15. To get rid of calluses, utilize a pumice stone on your feet after taking a bath.
  16. Ensure that your hair is totally dry prior you start with curling iron, this is to make your curls last longer. Meanwhile, to keep the hair protected, utilize a heat protectant spray with hold on wet hair.
  17. To ensure being free of damaged ends that make the hair look unhealthy, consider having a trim at least every six to eight weeks.
  18. Constant shampooing leaves the scalp and hair dry. So, avoid washing the hair on a daily basis. Consider using a dry shampoo or you may just style the hair into a ponytail or braid when it is slightly oilier.
  19. Always wear a lip gloss or lip balm with SPF to avoid dry lips especially during summer months.
  20. Use pore-reducing facial wash followed by a toner to reduce your pores. Ensure that the toner is free of alcohol so it will not cause skin dryness.
  21. To get rid of dead skin, use an exfoliator. However, be reminded that this must be used only about 2 to 3 times per week so to avoid skin dryness. You may also use a coarser scrub on the whole body but use a gentler scrub on the face.